Pack design

Sometimes it is the only way you can differentiate yourself from the competition. And in a very limited space. Your packaging has to literally draw the customers’ hands to it. So, you need a design which is both highly distinctive and which characterises your brand well.

We have a couple Loomen who have long discussions over packaging and when they come back from the shops, they start redesigning the packaging they have just seen. Don’t let them do that with your packaging. Tell them to design it from the ground up. Then we will all be happy.

I want to be happy

The content is up to you. The packaging is up to us

It will be


It will be


It will be

something you like

It will be

make money for you

Clients we have designed packaging for and helped sell products

Don’t try your luck with a bunch of kids who are still wet behind the ears when you can rely on the Loomen

We deliver faster than the post office

We can deliver services which require less than 3 hours of work by the next business day.

We are reliable too

You can rely on us not only to meet deadlines, but also to double-check that everything is free from any mistakes.

… and of course, people like what we do

Sometimes ugly designs work better. We prefer the nice functional ones. That’s what you will get from us.

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Other things you might want to know about pack creation

Words are of little value here. Just take the plunge and you will see that we are able to meet your expectations. We communicate quickly so you can check our approach to your job straight away. We also try to deliver our graphic designs quickly, but it all depends on exactly what you need. Of course, our speed does not come at the expense of quality. That is why clients keep coming back to us. Or maybe it’s something else. That is up to you to discover.

In the beginning, all we need is a phone number or email address so we can get in touch with you and sort out the exact brief and the required materials. We will then get you to tell us all of the important things about your business so we know what kind of websites you like and what your customers will like. We will then get to work and will need your opinion on an ongoing basis.

We don’t sell off-the-shelf products, so it’s hard to give an exact price until we get the brief from you. As soon as we have put the brief together, we’ll get back to you straight away with an accurate price. Other than that, we do have indicative prices in our price list, but we really do call them indicative. It all depends on what you want.

We think about packaging as a whole, so we will also recommend the material. Of course, the final decision is up to you. We know that budget is important, but we look for a solution which makes the packaging look attractive and helps you increase your sales.

That can happen too, and to be honest, you won’t be the first nor will you be the last. Sometimes it just happens. That is why we continuously consult you about everything and look for the ideal solution which will be functional and at the same time one you will be satisfied with.

You are bound to be interested in other things too, so get in touch and we can discuss all of them together.

We will get in touch